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Fabriken kommer att vara stängd 2024-07-15 till 2024-08-02
The factory will be closed 2024-07-15 until 2024-08-02


Fabriken kommer att vara stängd 2023 vecka 52
The factory will be closed 2023 week 52


Major update of the web application:
• The device RemoteMeter may now be used for remote meaurements.
• Added "Project storage", projects may now be "Active" or "Archived".
• Project names can be searched and filtered.
• When specifying dates and times, the time zone can now also be specified.
• Dates and times are now shown as local times.
• Final calculations will not round to ceiling.
• Final calculations are done with rounded values.
• Improved reports and exports with RH20.
• Better thermistor conversion.
• Optional extra decimal places.
• Temperature coefficient may be used instead of W/C ratio.

Newly created projects will also have:
• Project "Application".
• Project "Application uncert.".
• New calculation model with new uncertainties.


Web application updated:
• Added Export of Projects.
• Added registration of RBK authorization.
• Added "Standard report in Swedish" (for not RBK authorized).
• Other minor cosmetic changes on the page "Project".
• Page "Documents" moved to "Home".
• Page "About" moved to "Contact".
• Page "Pictures" moved to "Contact".
• Minor cosmetic changes on the page "User".


Web application updated:
• The text "RBK" removed from all reports.


The order page now remembers the most recently used addresses and other settings per individual user instead of per group of users.
"VAT number" is now optional and can be left blank.


"" flyttad till en ny server med ny IP-adress.
Nu kan man surfa säkert med


Web application updated:
• A third order page has been added, with final confirmation.
• "Company name" has been added as a separate field to all addresses.


Orders may now have multiple delivery addresses.


Web application updated:
• Minor bug fixed of calculation of Unc.
• Better labels for reference cell expiration dates.


Sending e-mail updated and should now work again.


Web application updated:
• More improvements for smartphones and tablets.
• Sidebar or drop down menu.
• New Lot number format: YYMMDD-Fab-Seq-Ver
• ASP.NET v2.0 to v4.0 (Windows Server 2003 to 2008 or newer)


Limits of temperature and humidity now compares with rounded values.


Maximum number of measurement points in a project increased from 60 to 200.


Web application updated:
• Improvements for smartphones and tablets.
• Larger font and menu.
• RBK projects must use sensors approved by RBK.
• New internal membership database engine.


RBK report in Swedish now uses decimal comma.


Web application updated:
• The button and page Edit Project changed to Edit/Copy Project.
• A project may be copied by changing its name.
Delete Project will now also delete project with measurement points.
• A confirmation is required before a project is deleted.


Web application updated.


Web application updated:
• Improvements for smartphones.
• Fix of characters in Android, using ■ and □ in menues.
• Changed "fixed template uncertainty" to "template uncertainty".


Web application updated.


New HumiGuard® web application launched at


Vid beställning av komponenten 404 Rörsax levereras numera REMS ROS P26 (gul färg). Ridgid rörsax (röd färg) tillverkas inte längre.


Started development of new web site.

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